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Podcast Interviews

America’s Homegrown Veggie Show: Jessica joins host Kate Copsey on America’s Homegrown Veggie Show to discuss all the benefits of having insects in the garden. Click here to listen.

Living Homegrown: In this podcast, Jessica and host Theresa Loe dig into the power of beneficial insects in the garden. You’ll discover some of the best plants for luring these good bugs in, and a few tricks you can employ to make sure these pest-eating helpers stick around. Listen to the podcast here.

The Urban Farm: In this enthusiastic podcast, Jessica tackles the topic of bringing more beneficial insects to your small farm or garden. She talks with host, Greg Peterson, about some of her favorite insects, including fireflies, parasitic wasps, and minute pirate bugs. You can listen to the interview here.

Video and Television

Video Trailer for Attracting Beneficial Bugs to Your Garden


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