Words of Praise for Jessica’s Lectures

“When Jessica speaks about organic gardening, it isn’t a lecture; it’s a bubbling conversation with a funny and knowledgeable friend. Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious, and she’s one of the best I’ve ever heard at clearly explaining the whys and hows of growing a garden organically. Entertaining yet always informative, Jessica knows her stuff!”
-Therese Ciesinski, Managing Editor of Organic Gardening Magazine.

“One of the great young communicators emerging in the world of horticulture today, Jessica’s dynamic presentations are informative yet fun, and are delivered with knowledge and passion.”
– Paul Tukey, HGTV Co-Host and author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual

“Jessica is a wonderful speaker! She uses humor to share important gardening information and tips. Our audience really enjoyed her talk and we will no doubt invite her back for future programs.”
– Katie Palm, Education Program Specialist, The United States Botanic Garden

“Jessica presents complex topics in easy to understand terms and can simplify the more difficult science for gardeners and homeowners.  She has a wealth of knowledge to back up more specific questions and is a vibrant and articulate speaker – her energy visibly motivated the audience.  An outstanding speaker!”
– Kelle Hartman, Education Director, Green Bay Botanical Garden

“As a gardening communicator, I have the opportunity to speak frequently to many audiences. I also get to listen to other colleagues in my industry present on topics in which they are presumably well versed. Admittedly, some are better than others. The first time I had the opportunity to hear Jessica present on organic gardening, I knew I was listening to a someone that was speaking with passion, conviction and knowledge! Not only did she know her subject deeply, she was able to communicate to her audience in an articulate and entertaining way. Her ability to connect while presenting vital information in such a common sense way is a wonderful gift that few people possess.”
– Joe Lamp’l, National television host on PBS and DIY and author of The Green Gardener’s Guide

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