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Unfortunately, Grow Organic is presently out of print. Amazon does have some used copies available.

Grow Organic was listed as a recommended book in the September/October 2007 issue of The American Gardener, a publication of the American Horticultural Society.

What People Are Saying About Grow Organic:

“This is a great book filled with useful information – fun to read, straightforward and convincing.  If you were not an organic gardener when you start, you will be by the end.”
Holly H. Shimizu
Executive Director, United States Botanic Garden

“Grow Organic proves once and for all that dousing your yard in toxic chemicals is so 20th Century.  Beautiful, healthy, safe gardens work with nature, and Jessica and Doug take the mystery out of how to do it.  This is practical, attainable advice delivered in a friendly, unthreatening way.  Homeowners and gardeners both need this book.”
Therese Ciesinski
Senior Editor, Organic Gardening Magazine

“The jury is in: chemicals are out. Co-authors Jessica Walliser and Doug Oster “tell all” with enthusiasm, wisdom and wit in Grow Organic. A treasure trove of tips presented in a conversational style, Grow Organic is a gentle but firm invitation for gardeners of all beliefs and backgrounds to embrace organic methods. A must-have manual for our busy world.”
Marion Owen
Co-Author of The New York Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Gardener’s Soul

“Want to go green? Co-authors Jessica Walliser and Doug Oster are terrific guides along the organic garden path. Learn how to feed your soil, befriend your bugs and bring in the bees, bolster your plants’ immune systems, and support solutions rather than attacking problems. Safe, simple solutions are offered instead of toxic chemical fixes. If you’ve become an unwilling chore slave, you’ll fall in love with your garden all over again as you learn to garden cooperatively with nature.”
Ann Lovejoy
Author of Ann Lovejoy’s Organic Garden Design School, Gardening from Scratch, and many other titles.

“A gentle, inspirational aid for homeowners looking to cut the chemicals from their outdoor life.”
Mike McGrath
Host of NPR’s ‘You Bet Your Garden’ and Editor-in-Chief of Organic Gardening Magazine 1991-1997

“Periodically a book about organic gardening comes along to call a new generation to responsible stewardship of the earth. Jess and Doug’s friendly invitation to today’s gardeners is encouraging and richly informative. Had I not been gardening organically for 25 years already, I would be inspired to run right outdoors and start!”
Liz Ball
Author of Month by Month Gardening in Pennsylvania, Step-by-Step Yard Care, and many other titles.

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