Good Bug, Bad Bug

Good Bug Bad Bug book cover

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To purchase an autographed copy of Good Bug Bad Bug please send $17.95 plus $3.00 S&H to:                                     Jessica Walliser, P.O. Box 175, Sewickley PA 15143

A comprehensive guide including 24 of the most destructive garden pests and 14 powerful beneficial insects to help battle them.  With plenty of color photographs and lots of easy-to-use information about controlling the pests and promoting the predators.  Good Bug, Bad Bug is a gardener’s go-to book for identifying and managing pests safely and naturally.


“This exciting new field guide – from one of organic gardening’s most exciting young pioneers – is practical, timely and innovative, all in one.”
Paul Tukey, HGTV co-host and publisher of People, Places and Plants Magazine; author of The Organic Lawn Care Manual

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